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Playing the free games at online poker sites is a good idea for any new player. Play for and hour or two and then move on. The free games are excellent for a total novice, offering a way to practice calculating basic odds on the fly and discovering the relative strengths of hands. It’ll also get you familiar with the site and the use of different buttons, but if you really want to improve your game, get off the free games. Just playing the .50/$1 games will offer you far more useful learning opportunities, without putting too much at stake.

Online Poker is great fun and very exciting, but it’s not casino poker. That’s not to say that it’s not as good ? it is, but it’s different. One obvious difference is that when you’re playing online poker you can’t see the other players and their reactions. One indicator you can us, however, is the response time of players. This can tell you quite a lot in certain situations. Also, check if players are playing more than one game because they are easier to bluff.

Online poker tournaments are very popular, because of their generous prizes and their competitive environments. The most prestigious online poker competitions include thousands of players from all over the world. In order to participate in an online poker tournament, you have to classify at an online poker site. It is advisable to have a look at the main online poker rankings, and check out what online poker sites offer the best current events.

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12th October 2004
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